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Cat House - Modern Teepee with Caving

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  • Pleasant awning from linen

  • Plywood with exclusive carving

  • Rare rabbit fur

  • Great ventilation 

  • Made from quality plywood


Your kitty can have the time of her life with this indoor cat house! This elegant cat furniture comes with an awning design and stable construction of natural materials. It's designed to give your snuggle bug a safe space to hide out and get some rest. This cat house features a soft cushion made from rare rabbit fur, it's easy to assemble and lightweight, and you can move it around the home quickly. The tent covering and its rare rabbit fur ensure your kitty's safety and let her breathe clean air constantly. It's the kind of indoor cat house that will fit perfectly in every home, every style, and will be a forever part of your home. You can now order this unique cat house from our puppy boutique! Order now!

Size - 23,6 х 15,7 х 26(h) inches

Base material – plywood

Awning material – linen, exclusive lapin