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Cat House - Teepee with Rare Lapin

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  • Reliable awning design

  • Easy to assemble

  • Soft cushion included

  • Plywood frame with carvings

  • Rare rabbit fur on the awning


With this Original Teepee Cat House with Rare Lapin, your furry friend's crate will look stylish and add beauty to your home. This beautiful indoor cat house comes with a solid and durable wooden frame and an exclusive lapin soft cushion that makes for super comfy naps. It features a simple awning design and fabric covers made from rare rabbit fur that helps keep your kitty out of the sun. The simple design makes this cat furniture easy to move and lightweight, so you won't have any problems putting it wherever you want. Order this from our puppy boutique and keep your home stylish with this cat house! Order it now!

Size - 23,6 х 15,7 х 26(h) inches

Base material – plywood

Awning material – fabric, exclusive lapin