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Cat House - Modern House for Several Cats

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  • Super durable wooden frame

  • Soft cushion included 

  • Elegant design

  • Doubling as a real end table

  • Made from plywood


Give your cats a cozy place at home with this modern, stylish indoor cat house! This unique cat house comes with a soft cushion made from high-quality cotton. There is no need to keep your cat in unattractive, clunky wire crates anymore. This beautifully designed cat house is super durable and will provide your pet with a safe sanctuary for years to come. The wood panels of this indoor cat house provide a great retreat for your pets, where they can lie down and rest. Use it for cats and even small dogs like Russell, Westie, Scottie, or Patterdale. This kitty house is perfect for homes with several cats who just love finding new spots for getting cozy. If you're looking for cat furniture to match your home decor, get this cat house from our Puppy Boutique today! Order now! 

Height - 25.2 inches

Width - 23.6 inches

Depth - 19.3 inches

Size of pillow is 18x21.6 inches

Base material – plywood

Pillow – cotton