Spinner keyring - Sounds of Therapeutic Healing

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  • Activates the subconscious to process the loss
  • Fastens to backpacks & any zipper pull
  • High-quality metals
  • Sturdy & strong


The gift of grief is that it presents us with the opportunity to heal and grow

With this special spinner key ring, you can reconnect with your beloved companion through sight and sound. Sounds of Therapeutic Healing help your subconscious process the loss of your furry companion. You'll feel at ease and connected if you keep hearing those jingling sounds and seeing that beautiful face.

After the loss of a pet, life severely changes for people who (Service or ESA) relied on their closest buddy for independence and wellbeing. By attaching the pet’s ID tag(s) and adhering to a chosen picture, this spinner keyring can help ease the pain of grief and stay connected.

This practical keyring is made of the highest quality metal and stays sturdy and strong. It will be delivered tucked within a white organza bag along with a hang tag explaining its special features and intended use.

This healing keyring will make the perfect gift for anyone suffering from a loss or commemorating a pet anniversary.

Order this beautifully designed spinner keyring from our puppy boutique now!