Sling Dog Carrier - Fog R&R

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  • Top zippers

  • Mesh panel to facilitate ventilation

  • Quilted interior

  • Four pockets for various items

  • Adjustable strap

  • In compliance with airline regulations


Use our sling dog carrier to give more comfort and a stylish look to your cute pooch! This dog carrier's removable mesh panel allows your lovely four-legged friend to look out while you move around. A wide variety of colors is available for this dog bag, and the adjustable strap brings about much more relief. Our puppy carrier can be easily scrubbed, and there is sufficient storage for things like cell phones, treats, etc. The dog sling follows the regulations of most airlines, so this dog carrier bag makes it possible for your lovely puppy to be with you in the passenger cabin. Order this great-looking sling dog carrier at our puppy boutique immediately!