Pet Stairs - Easy Step III - Essential Grey

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  • Wide stair landings for both small and big doggies

  • Removable carpet tread, easy washing

  • Rubber grippers

  • Hanging together easily


These fabulous dog stairs with wide steps are appropriate for both petite and gigantic furry best friends. Small, cute pooches can put their entire bodies on the platforms, and larger ones can climb these dog steps with incredible comfort. The innovative incline of each platform decreases the number of required stairs, which removes the stress from your adorable pup. Our pet steps are equipped with removable, washable carpet treads, which are unbelievably helpful to the steps easily hang together and create a flexible structure. This product will save room for puppy owners. Easy Step III Pet Stairs –Essential Grey is an excellent option if you live in a small space. Order these masterfully made pet stairs at our puppy boutique now!

Step height 6"
Top step depth 9.5", 2nd step depth 9", 3rd step depth 9"