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Lakshmi Dog Collar Charm

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Lakshmi Dog Collar Charm ~ Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity. Not only does she bestow riches such as good fortune and money, but also anything else that you would need to create an abundant life such as health and success. Humans that are around the pet and that call on Lakshmi for assistance can also benefit from his help. In addition to wearing the pendant, it is also very beneficial to say the sanskrit Lakshmi chant every day for 40 days. The chant is as follows:

Repeat this chant 108 times per day for 40 days) Om shrim maha lakshmiyei swaha

Phonetically it sounds like this: Om shreem mah-hah lahk-shmee-yay swah-hah

**Charm hangs from a Heavy Duty Lobster Clasp