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Faux Fireplace Dog Bed

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  • Faux Fireplace Dog Bed

  • Hand carved dog head

  • Custom name plate 

  • Constructed from cabinet plywood

  • Finished with moldings all attached

  • Water White Semi Gloss lacquer finish


This Faux Fireplace Dog Bed with hand carved dog head and custom name plate is Custom and Made-to-Order! Constructed from cabinet plywood and finished with moldings all attached and everything painted White with Water White Semi Gloss lacquer finish, the Interior of this faux fireplace dog bed will be constructed of brick paneling to create the look of a fireplace.

The Base will be 3/4" plywood laminated w/ a black marble on 1 side and a white marble on the other side so it can be flipped w/ 3mm black front and side edges.

Exterior Measurements:

Height 49" x Depth 44" x Width 68"

Opening 36" W x 36" H x 36" D

Bed size to fit a 36" D x 48" W Dog Bed

Interior Measurements: 48" W x 36" H x 36" D

*Allow 3-4 weeks (this is a custom and made-to-order item)



Ships in 1 piece on an oversized pallet,