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Elevated Dog Bowl - Solid Double Stand

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  • Sturdy wooden stands

  • Handmade from quality plywood

  • Safe oil covering

  • Available in three different heights

  • Improve your dog’s health


The Large Dog Water Bowl Solid Double Stand does more than just feed your little furry friend. It features a durable dog bowl stand made from high-quality plywood that will complement any home’s decor. These elevated dog bowls provide a health-conscious environment by allowing your life companion to eat in a natural standing position, helping digestion and reducing stress on the body, thereby improving overall well-being and health. Additionally, it includes two stainless steel dog bowls that are dishwasher safe. Order this dog feeder from our puppy boutique and ensure your pup’s health. Order it now!

Height of base – 7.8/9.8/11.8 inches

Bowl volume – 1700 ml

Size of base 18.7x9.4x different heights

Color of plywood base: Teak, Ebony, Rosewood