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Dog Sweater - PP Snowman

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  • Snowflakes graphics

  • Snowman patch design

  • High-cut on the tummy 

  • Added leash hole

  • Lightweight material 


Say hello to wintertime with the PP Snowman Sweater! This fuzzy dog sweater comes with beautiful snowflakes and a snowman patch design. With the leash hole on the back, your outdoor adventures will be safe and stress-free. No worries about your pup getting lost in the crowd or running away. This puppy seater features a stay-dry belly which means that it’s not of those designer dog clothes you’d have to take off every time your dog needs to go potty. With several sizes to choose from, you can be sure there will be a dress for your four-legged family member. Check out our puppy boutique to see more cool dog clothes. Keep your snuggle bug happy with this dog sweater. Order it now!