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Dog Sweater Dress - Rhinestone Snow Flakes

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  • Dotted rhinestone snowflake on the back

  • Contrasting mini-skirt

  • Added leash hole

  • Two Pom-poms on the collar

  • Perfect for outdoor use


Show off your pup's style in this Rhinestone Snowflake Dog Dress! Its flashy yet subtle design will make people take notice!  It features a large rhinestone snowflake on the back and two cute pom-poms on the front of the collar. The contrasting mini-skirt is cut short on the front to avoid potty messes. Warm knit material will keep your little girl comfortable in cooler weather. Like most of our designer dog clothes, we’ve added a leash hole, which makes this great for outdoor walks in the cold.  It’s a must-have garment for the winter season! Visit our puppy boutique to see our cool dog clothes, but if you want something warm and comfortable go with this one. Order it now!