Dog Stroller - No-Zip Special Edition

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  • No-Zip technology

  • Elevated paw rest

  • Front locking wheel

  • The panoramic view window

  • A plush bolster pad

  • Stylish color and crochet


This No-Zip Special Edition dog stroller has everything you need in a pet stroller and more! This puppy stroller utilizes No-Zip technology that makes effortless access to your adorable furry best friend possible! The elevated paw rest is another great feature of the stroller. Your four-legged friend can comfortably look out of the stroller because of the front bar support. The new panoramic window helps your pooch to enjoy the fun sights while going around. The presence of shiny material brings a stylish look to your pup while sitting inside the stroller. Are you looking for the best dog stroller? Order it right now from our puppy boutique!

Interior dimensions: 26"L x 12"W x 19.5"H.