Dog Step - Easy IV Deluxe Soft Step

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  • Wide and deep steps

  • Removable and washable cover

  • Rubber grippers on the bottom

  • Snapping together effortlessly


Our dog stairs are perfect for both petite and giant pooches. Their wide and deep stairs make it possible for smaller pups to put their entire body on the platforms, and this feature allows large puppies to climb the stairs effortlessly. The creative incline of these dog steps decreases the number of stairs to rise and removes stress from your furry best friend. Our pet steps come with a removable cover that is easily cleanable. The steps simply snap together, and no tool is required for this functionality. Rubber grippers on the bottom bring more security and comfort to your four-legged friend. Would you like steps for dogs to get on the bed? Order it right now from our puppy boutique!

Step height 6"

Top step depth 9.5", 2nd step depth 9", 3rd step depth 8.5", 4th step depth 8.5"