Dog Halloween Costume - Yacht Admiral

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  • Trimmed in rich gold ribbon

  • An official look

  • Embroidered epaulets

  • Elastic chin strap

  • Hand-washable

  • Easy to wear


An admiral pup? Imagine how adorable that would be! These dog clothes' sleeves and pant legs are embellished with golden ribbon. The official look of these dog costumes is evident due to the shiny anchor buttons. The anchor buckle, in line with the gold base, makes a royal look for your furry best friend. The honor ribbons over the left pocket represent a reward for your pooch appreciating being a good dog. This uniform is really detailed, bringing a fantastic look for your four-legged friend. This high-quality uniform will be completed with a captain's hat, which is beautifully trimmed. The elastic chin strap is another helpful feature included with the costume. The uniform is hand-washable and effortless to wear. Yacht Admiral Costume is the best if you are considering dog Halloween costumes. Order this quality dog costume at our puppy boutique immediately!