Dog Halloween Costume - Pink Bow Witch

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  • Made of high-quality fabric to ensure comfort.

  • Exclusive combination of textures and fabrics

  • Black sheer on the top of the skirt 

  • Big pink bow 

  • The witches' hat included 

  • Hand-washable 


The beautiful design with the perfect combination of textures and fabrics makes a unique look for your adorable furry friend. The black sheer on top of the skirt makes these dog clothes outstanding. The big pink bow is another fantastic feature of these dog costumes. This dog outfit comes with a witches' hats, which is fabulous. Our dog witch costumes are hand-washable, a great advantage when your pup makes a mess. Pink Bow Witch is an ideal option if you are considering a perfect dog Halloween costume for your four-legged friend. Purchase this beautifully designed dog outfit from our puppy boutique now!