Dog Halloween Costume - Little Leprechaun Boy

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  • One-piece suit 

  • Reversible bow tie 

  • Four-legged costume 

  • Matching hat 

  • Hand-washable 

  • Easy to wear


It’s about to get Irish up in here! This festive dog outfit features a one-piece suit, a matching hat, jacket lappets, and reversible bow tie. Our beautiful dog costumes will pamper your lovely pooch; these detailed dog outfits are four-legged and wonderful for St Patrick's day. The outfit is hand-washable with easy dressing. These are fantastic features for a pup outfit; little Leprechaun Boy is appropriate for each season. Your furry friend will feel very comfortable wearing this innovative design. If you want to choose a perfect dog Halloween costume, this is what you are looking for. Order this masterfully designed dog costume at our puppy boutique immediately!