Dog Halloween Costume - Lady Butterfly

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  • 100% Cotton 

  • Glittered pink mesh trim

  • Cap sleeves

  • Full with double layers of fabric

  • Buttonhole

  • Snaps in the front

  • Pompom antennas


Looking for a costume that will wow everyone at your next party? This butterfly dog costume is a perfect choice! The quality materials will last from one Halloween to the next. Add a little glitter and some wings and your pup will be ready to fly! While wearing the outfit, the buttonhole in the back allows for a leash connection. Hand washable and comfortable to wear, with snaps at the front to keep it in place. This outfit is a perfect combination of sweet, sassy, and adorable. Your pup will love this costume, and you'll love the joy it brings! Order this beautifully designed dog costume at our puppy boutique now!