Dog Halloween Costume - Colorful Owl

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  • The combination of colors and crafty form 

  • Endless details 

  • Built-in pants 

  • Open at the bottom 

  • A hole for the leash 

  • Velcro fasten 

  • Hand-sewn 


Ready to take your pup trick or treating this Halloween? This original dog owl costume makes your pup the blast of each party! The fun colors are combined with crafty form in this dog outfit. Featuring built-in pants, these dog clothes are very detailed and beautiful. The costume opens at the bottom, providing more comfort for your lovely furry friend; the secure Velcro fastening is another fantastic feature of this beautifully designed outfit. It is hand-sewn, which is incredibly fabulous. The craftsmanship is terrific, and everything is prepared for your pooch to be the center of attention. Are you considering a perfect dog Halloween costume? Colorful Owl is the solution. Order this masterfully designed outfit from our puppy boutique right away!