Dog Halloween Costume - Bee 3-D

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  • 100% Cotton 

  • Three-dimensional bee costume 

  • A stuffed body 

  • Gold and black stripes 

  • Deep ribbing shape 

  • Velcro chest 

  • Belly fastener panel 


Who doesn't want to make their puppy look like a cute little bee for Halloween? This dog outfit is an upgrade of the original circa 1988 design. The stuffed thick fiber of the body in line with gold and black stripes creates an adorable look for your furry best friend. Features like floppy wings and buggy eyes complement this dog Bee costume. The Velcro chest and belly fastener panel makes it easy to wear. This outfit is 100% cotton and is a good choice if you are seeking a dog Halloween costume. Order this beautifully designed costume from our puppy boutique right now!