Dog Halloween Costume - Barktoria's Secret

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  • Lots of lace 

  • Pink satin 

  • A head bow with an elastic strap 

  • Secure and comfortable 

  • Elegant and attractive 

  • Hand-washable 


Having a special two-tone dress for your little princess is hard to find. This dress is just the perfect gift for this coming holiday. The two-tone lace trim makes this dog costume one-of-a-kind and exclusive. The head bow of this dog outfit adds to the beauty of this costume. The elastic strap brings security and comfort to your lovely pooch. This dog Halloween costume is exquisite and sexy. Your furry best friend will love this masterfully designed costume; the pink color is beautiful and bright. The white trims are fantastic and eye-catching. Purchase this beautiful and elegant outfit at our puppy boutique right now!