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Dog E-Collar - Beige GET BETTER

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  • Water-resistant material

  • Sturdy touch fastener

  • Cone-shaped Elizabethan collar

  • Extra strap for safety

  • Vet-recommended collar


With the Get Better Soft E-Collar Beige, your pup will heal and recover in comfort from surgeries, allergic reactions, and more. While it prevents her from reaching the wounded area, sensitive or irritated area, this dog collar allows your furry friend to walk, eat, sleep and play comfortably. It features a water-resistant polyester material that you can wipe and clean easily. Designed with healing in mind, this is one of our vet-recommended designer dog collars. The sturdy touch fastener we used on this dog e collar ensures a quick and snug fit, and the extra strap help achieve the ideal shape and adds more security. Find the best dog collars for your four-legged family at our puppy boutique. Order now!