Dog Carrier - METRO 2 Red/black Trim

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  • Two deep exterior pockets

  • Removable faux fur bedding

  • Three mesh windows

  • Roll-up side windows

  • Lined with waterproof nylon


Keeping your life companion close is now easy with the METRO 2 Red/black Trim! With two deep exterior pockets and a zippered side pocket, you can keep everything you and your pup need at hand. The roll-up side windows let your playful doggie poke his head out when resting in his favorite dog bag carrier. Thanks to the three mesh windows, your pup can enjoy a breeze of clean air. The large size comes with two roll-up windows to let you carry two small puppies at the same time in one bag. It also comes with removable faux fur bedding for added comfort and waterproof nylon lining for easy cleaning. Browse our puppy boutique for more dog accessories! Get this airline-approved puppy carrier today. Order now!

Petite is 13” (L) 5” (W) 7.75”(H),

Small is 17”(L) 7”(W) 9”(H),

Large is 20.5”(L) 8.5”(W) 11.5”(H).