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Dog Bow Tie - Gentleman 9

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  • Heart and argyle pattern

  • Fits on almost any collar

  • Blue patterned on solid blue ribbon

  • Easy on attachment

  • Ideal for both cats and dogs


This puppy bow tie is the perfect way to add style and fun to your pup’s collar. You can attach it to almost any collar by folding the Velcro over it, fastening the other end of the Velcro to the collar, and your dog bow tie is ready. With this simple attachment and removal, you can mix and match different styles and trends. Take a look at our puppy boutique to see if there are any other designer dog accessories that you might like as well. Order this cute bow tie for your pup if you want him to look stylish. Order now!

 Measurement: Small - 3.25 inches. Large - 4 inches.