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Dog Birthday Cake - Star Wars Disney Inspired

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  • Star Wars Disney Inspired Dog Cake

  • Handmade

  • Designed to last longer

  • Made fresh to order

  • Human grade ingredients

  • No preservatives or chemicals


This cool Star Wars Disney Inspired Dog Birthday Cake will make the coolest gift for your little pooch on his/her special day! This adorable puppy birthday cake is made with quality and human-grade ingredients and is made fresh to order to ensure the best quality and the health of your little buddy. This dog cake is made to last long and contains no preservatives or chemicals. Order this dog birthday cake from our puppy boutique now!

Remember to order in enough time to make the cake and frost it (4 days), then for it to cool and set and be ready for mailing 3 -4 more days. Use or freeze within 1 day of receipt.

Materials: Fresh ingredients, Cinnamon, Wheat flour, Molasses, BBQ, Peanut butter

*Please be aware of any allergies your dog may have.

*Delivery dates are not guaranteed