Dog Birthday Cake - 6 inch First Birthday

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  • Personalized (6 in) dog cake

  • Made to order

  • Best quality ingredients

  • Wilton Fondant for frosting

  • Toasted

  • Materials: Peanut butter, Wheat flour, Love, banana


This Personalized First Birthday 6 inch Dog Birthday Cake can be the best gift for your puppy’s first birthday! In order to ensure the best quality and freshness for your little pooch, this puppy birthday cake is made to order. You can even personalize it with writing for a birthday or anniversary, or any other occasion. Order this super cute dog birthday cake to make your fur baby happy now!

To prevent melting in shipping, this cake is toasted which makes it a bit drier and harder than a store-bought human cake. Therefore, you should soak in broth before feeding. You can freeze any leftovers in small slices for treats, later on, maybe frozen for up to 6 months. For older dogs who have difficulty and need very soft food, cutting pieces and softening with a bit of vegetable broth before feeding is suggested. 

Remember to order in enough time to make the cake and frost it (4 days), then for it to cool and set and be ready for mailing 3 -4 more days. Use or freeze within 1 day of receipt.

Ingredients: whole wheat flour, banana, peanut butter, baking soda

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*Please be aware of any allergies your dog may have.

*Delivery dates are not guaranteed