Dog Bandana - Spring Daisy

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  • 100% cotton

  • Cut into a triangle

  • Designer prints

  • Made in the US

  • Various sizes


Your little pooch will surely be ready for spring with this beautifully designed Spring Daisy dog bandana! Handmade in the United States, this 100% cotton puppy bandana is so comfortable that your dog never notices wearing it. Our cute dog bandanas are pliable and cut into triangular shapes to reduce the bulk. Our neckerchiefs are made with quality fabrics, and the use of designer prints brings more durability. This dog scarf has a rolled hem on all sides to create a stylish look. There`s no trouble for big dogs; you can easily tie the bandana around their necks. But for smaller dogs, you need to adjust the top edge to make it more suitable. It's a great idea to leave a little wiggle room for more comfort. Machine wash with cool water. Order this great-looking dog bandana from our puppy boutique now!

Sizes (approximate and may vary slightly)

X-Small -    13" x 13" with 18" diagonal (fits dogs 4-9 lbs.)

Small -      15" x 15" with  21" diagonal (fits dogs 8-15 lbs.)

Medium -  18" x 18" with 25" diagonal   (fits dogs 15-35 lbs.)

Large -      21" x 21" with 29" diagonal  (fits dogs 35-60 lbs.)

X-Large -   24" x 24" with 33" diagonal   (fits dogs over 60 lbs.)