Dog Bandana - Patriotic Popsicles

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  • 100% cotton

  • Designer prints

  • Rolled edge

  • Made in the US

  • Lightweight


This Patriotic Popsicles dog bandana is masterfully made with attention to ever detail! Handmade in the USA, this lightweight puppy bandana is so comfortable that it would never disturb your furry little buddy. Our cute dog bandanas are made with high-quality fabrics. This dog scarf has a rolled edge on all sides, creating an exclusive look. Tie the bandana around your dog's neck if it is big. However, if your puppy is small, roll down the top edge to make its size appropriate. Your pup can get different looks by wearing the bandana around its neck, on the back, or to the side. Made with the highest quality 100% cotton fabric, this bandana for dogs comes in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Purchase this beautifully made dog bandana from our puppy boutique right now!

Sizes: (approximate and may vary slightly)

X-Small -     13" x 13" with 18" diagonal

Small -      15" x 15" with  21" diagonal

Medium -  18" x 18" with 25" diagonal 

Large -      21" x 21" with 29" diagonal 

X-Large -   24" x 24" with 33" diagonal