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Dog Bandana - Birthday Girl Pink Polka Dot

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  • Birthday dog bandana

  • 100% cotton fabric

  • Pink polka dot design

  • White rolled hems

  • Silver glitter vinyl

  • Machine washable

  • Handmade in the USA


This beautifully designed Birthday Girl Pink Polka Dot Dog Bandana is the perfect choice for your fur baby’s special day! Handmade in the USA using 100% lightweight cotton fabric with attention to every detail, this puppy bandana is accented with a rolled hem on all three sides for a finished look. Sewn for durability, this cute dog bandana features a silver glitter vinyl design with the words “Birthday Girl,” and a beautiful pink polka dot design. This bandana for dogs ties comfortably around your puppy’s neck and provides a totally flexible neck area so your pup won’t even notice wearing it. Order this pink birthday dog bandana from our puppy boutique now!

Sizes: (Approximate and may vary slightly)

Small -      15" x 15" with  21" diagonal

Medium -  18" x 18" with 25" diagonal 

Large -      21" x 21" with 29" diagonal 

X-Large -   24" x 24" with 33" diagonal

*For sizing, see the size chart under additional images.