Summer Activities Are Encouraged for the Rockstar Puppy

Posted by Rockstar Puppy on Apr 06, 2017

Whether enjoying time at beaches or parks, family pets can have fun with summer activities, too.

“We want to encourage pet owners to take their dogs along with them for summer outings where they’re allowed,” says Rockstar Puppy owner Jessica Clark. “Your dogs should be able to enjoy some of the same fun you have when they’re able to go with you.”

Rockstar Puppy, an online pet boutique, offers everything for the pampered pooch from dog tags for dogs to motorcycle dog carriers and helmets for dogs, all of which would be suitable for the active pooch that accompanies their owners. Pet owners are encouraged to include their pet companions in their summer agendas so they are not excluded from the fun.

Depending on the breed and temperament, swimming in a backyard pool, lake, pond or beach is a sport that some dogs love to do with their owners. Large breeds like retrievers and spaniels are more appropriately-sized dogs for the sport that offers cardio and resistance training, and a means to cool off during summer heat. Rockstar Puppy carries lifejackets for pets who go swimming or boating.

Taking your dog to a different dog park or maybe a city or state park is a good way to give it a change of scenery, freedom and exercise, suggests a Yahoo! contributor.

Day hiking is another fun and rigorous activity that you and your family can do with your pooch. If your dog wants to carry his or her own dish, water, and sunscreen, Rockstar Puppy offers backpacks for the hike.

Another summer activity for dogs and their families can be weekend camping with the proper flea and tick protection, according to tips for vacation and day trips offered by the

While enjoying the wilderness, your dog may even be able to detect and ward off unwanted intruders. Dog-friendly beaches are also recommended for those whose pets like to soak up the sun and sift through sand with their owners.

Visiting other dog-friendly cities, going for car rides, shopping at pet stores, socializing with your friends and their pets at their house, eating at restaurants that permit outdoor seating with pets are other summer options to consider doing with your four-legged family members.

“It’s a matter of researching ahead of time to see which places will allow dogs with you on vacations or day trips in the summer,” Clark says, reminding pet parents to keep up to date with pet CPR for emergencies that may occur while away on outings with their pets worn a dog helmet.

There’s no reason why your pets should be homebound instead of traveling along with you, so Rockstar Puppy has several items to fit you and your pet’s lifestyles, from dog clothing to wear at doggie daycare to motorcycle outfits and gear to ride along with you on your bike.

Attire, accessories, dog houses, even customized doggie doors can be added to your online shopping cart. Rockstar Puppy caters to the total pet and offers gift certificates from $15 to $500 for dog lovers who spoil their pets.