Rockstar Puppy Site Has Halloween Warnings for Pet Owners

Posted by Rockstar Puppy on Apr 06, 2017

There’s plenty of spooky things pet parents should beware of for Halloween to protect their pooches.

Jessica Clark, Rockstar Puppy owner, offers more than designer dog ID tags and clothing on her site for pampered pets. With the holiday season approaching, she offers helpful information to pet owners on keeping their furry companions safe during festive times.

“We have to be especially careful during holidays because we don’t want our pets to fall victim to certain dangers that come along with many occasions, so we have to take special precautions to keep them safe,” Clark says.

Halloween is a frightening and stressful time for your pets with the doorbell constantly ringing, heavy foot traffic, tempting candy, and scary costumes worn by strangers. So be prepared to keep potential hazards out of the way of your pets to avoid such complications as diarrhea, vomiting, and injuries. Unnecessary emergencies can be avoided with the following safety suggestions.

Hide Treats Harmful to Pets
Pets should not have treats that children come home with after trick-or-treating. Chocolate is toxic to pets and can cause seizures, an increased heart rate, organ failure, and possibly death.

Lollipops have plastic components that are dangerous if swallowed. Not only can the sticks cause an intestinal obstruction, they can also rupture the inside.

Confiscate candy, gum, mints, baked goods with the ingredient Xylitol which is a “sweetener” that causes hypoglycemia and dogs’ liver failure. Particular food like macadamia nuts, grapes and raisins are all extremely hazardous to dogs’ health, along with diet or sugar-free candies that may contain Sorbitol or Xylitol, which can also cause medical problems for canines.

Remove Hazardous Halloween Decorations
Some Halloween decorations that pose potential hazards to your pets include items that require electrical extension cords as pets can be tempted to chew through the wiring. Certain decorations like lit candles, including the Jack-O-Lantern with the candle burning inside, have the potential to be knocked over. Fire burns pets and people, so avoid that situation altogether.

Watch Your Pets During Trick-or-Treating Time
Closely monitor your pooch, as their routine will be thrown off with strangers coming and going near the house, causing them to be agitated by the constant visitors wearing masks and outfits they’ve never seen before. You might consider keeping your pets confined in a room while trick-or-treaters are out, shielding them from noise and distractions.

Resist Pets’ Costumes: They’re Fun for People Not Pets
Dressing up in costumes and going trick-or-treating for Halloween may be fun for people, but it’s not so fun for pets as they are endangered by toxic candy and dangerous outfits that they can become entangled in.

“Always check how your dog’s or cat’s Halloween costume fits. Check your pet’s temperature to make sure they’re not too hot in their costume,” Clark says as designer dog clothes provider.

Attire should be easy to put on and take off. Aside from a Halloween costume, any clothing with tight elastic can be dangerous. If the pet consumes the material, it causes medical problems. Never force an outfit on your pet just because you like it. There are various styles of designer dog clothing and accessories for your pooch to choose from in Rockstar Puppy’s online boutique that’s suitable for all occasions.

Consider getting a dog helmet for canines that like fancy headgear to protect them while riding with their owners on bikes. Motorcycle pet carriers, custom dog tags, doggie birthday cakes, and elaborate dog houses can be bought at Rockstar Puppy’s online pet boutique for those who want to spoil their pets.