Rockstar Puppy Owner Gives Tips to Protect Pets on July 4th

Posted by Rockstar Puppy on Apr 06, 2017

Rockstar Puppy owner Jessica Clark desires for pet owners to take precautions to protect their pets during the Independence Day holiday on July 4th.

Just in time for the holiday, pet owners can dress their pooches in outfits and a patriotic bling dog helmet adorned with rhinestones and gems while attending or participating in any community parades with them.

However, while fireworks are pleasant for people, they scare a lot of pets. If dogs are left alone and afraid outside during the loud noise of fireworks, they are prone to getting out of the yard through digging, chewing, climbing and jumping.

So some good precautions to take during the festivities include making sure your dogs have a comfortable, snug collar that’s a finger width between the dog and the collar; making sure the rabies tag is current and includes the regular veterinarian’s contact information; and having an ID tag with your contact information.

Rockstar Puppy, an online pet boutique, sells a variety of designer dog tags from medical alert tags to a diamond paved bone luxury ID tag to help identify a pet that goes astray. The tags are for fashion and safety.

Pet owners should also purchase and register a microchip for your pooches. Rockstar Puppy also offers a pet anxiety relief product that can be useful during the holiday noise, says Clark.

“These things, along with going outside with them when they have to go potty, will really make a difference in keeping your fur kid from getting out, or helping get your fur kid to return back home if the unfortunate happens during all the fireworks, or any time of the year,” she says.

Lock your gates with a simple bolt through a latch or get a small lock. And to ensure their safety, keep them inside if they don’t have one of the customized dog houses that Rockstar Puppy offers. The online boutique has designer, cute dog clothing that includes biker apparel, dog accessories like dog hats, a dog bandana, jewelry and sunglasses.

Rockstar Puppy deals with the total pet and offers gift certificates from $15 to $500 for dog lovers who want to spoil their pets, Clark says.