Rockstar Puppy Online Boutique Adds New Dog ID Tags

Posted by Rockstar Puppy on Apr 06, 2017

Rockstar Puppy recently added an assortment of new dog ID tags with designs ranging from a dog bone to some with a medical alert.

“It’s important that dogs have on tags to help identify them in case they get lost, and it’s great when the tags can be fashionable at the same time too,” says Jessica Clark, owner of a motorcycle pet carrier provider boutique.

Prices vary and include a $70 Silver Winged Skull Hand Stampede dog ID tag, or for $65, you can choose a 3D bone dog ID tag made of stainless steel and three finishes of bronze, antique bronze, and gold plated coating, displaying your dog’s name and phone number.

The $19.99 medical alert tags are important to have for the pets that have allergies to certain food ingredients or need medication. You can even get tags alerting what disease your dog has like diabetes and heart disease. Tags can even alert that your pooch is blind or deaf.

All of the $24 bottle cap ID tags come with a one-year warranty with free replacements and free engraving. The nostalgic and creative rigid-edged bottle tops are encased with themed designs like a Hello Kitty Fairy, Moon Fairy, Pup Rocker, and the Rockstar Puppy black or white logo.

The most expensive is the Bowl Me Over Diamond Paved Bone, luxury dog tag for $349.99, laced in diamonds and 14-karat gold for the special pooch whose pet owner wants to spoil them with the finest gems.

From the sparkly custom dog tags for dogs decorated in a pink Cupcake design with Princess spelled in the icing to southwest designs, Rockstar Puppy’s online boutique also offers a wide selection of custom pet houses that come in 11 elaborate styles.

Dog helmets detailed in airbrushed artistry are just as popular as the ID tags because of the wide variety. Both serve a dual purpose of safety and fashion.

“The helmets are also designed as fashion statements and provide safety for your pets when they’re on the go,” says designer dog accessories provider, adding that helmets range in cost from $65 to $250.

Rockstar Puppy’s online boutique caters to the pampered male and female pets’ designer fashion preferences with many of the male accessories having skulls and bones while the female accessories have pink or purple glittery designs. There are crossover styles, too, with Girly Skulls and Crossbones for the females. The site features designer dog clothes, including scarves for your furry friends.