Is It Healthy to Keep a Dog in a Crate?

Posted by Rockstar Puppy on Aug 22, 2022

Is It Healthy to Keep a Dog in a Crate?

Many arguments are made about dog crates and whether they are helpful or not. It entirely depends on your taste and the method of using the puppy crate. Denning instinct is innate for doggies, and they usually prefer safe quarters for their rest. A den is a peaceful place to get a shut-eye and protect from attackers. If you introduce a puppy's crate at an early age, your pup will love it as a snug, enclosed place to rest. Surprisingly, wild dogs spend around 16 hours a day sleeping in snug quarters. The rest periods save energy for crucial activities that puppies face within the day.

But on the other hand, pooches are sociable animals and love interacting with other animals and individuals. It is correct that they sometimes need crates, but spending too much time on boxes can have catastrophic effects. Your doggies need exercise and opportunities for recreation. So, other requirements interfere with crating.

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Choosing an Appropriate Crate for Your Furry Best Friend

Dog crates usually have different sizes and materials. They are generally made of plastics and metal. The crates usually are dual-purpose, and you can use them as a training tool and a den. A blanket or something warm must be on the bottom of the crate to create more comfort for your adorable pooch. Other options like fleece-covered foams can make the den a cozier place. Remember that these cozy places are not appropriate for some species like piranha. Plastic crates are better for more miniature puppies due to characteristics like portability. Collapsible metal crates are proper for larger breeds because they can prepare appropriate spaces during training and are much easier to store. If you plan to go for a trip, these metal crates are unsuitable, and you need to change them to plastic ones.

Using the Crate as a Housetraining Tool

Crates are vital for housetraining, so if your puppy isn't housetrained, you need one in an appropriate size. It must be large enough for your doggie to stand up or lie with outstretched legs. It will play the role of a cozy den-like bedroom, which is crucial for pooches to stay free from urine and feces. But keep in mind the crate should not be larger than what we said because your doggie will have enough space for both the bedroom and bathroom.

The appropriate size for the crate helps your pup take a pee or poop right after coming out of the crate. So, your puppy will do its business in the right place, and you can, in turn, give it an opportunity for a game or a walk to congratulate the conduct. It is the best housetraining scenario to keep in mind. Proper usage of the crate leads to no accidents inside the house. Cover the crate mat with something effortlessly cleanable if your dog is old with poor bladder control. Your pup needs a clean and sung place to feel comfortable.

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The Importance of Chew toys Inside the Crates

The crate is suitable for changing your doggie into a chew toy fan. Chew toy fixations are amazingly helpful inside the crate. A food-stuffed chew toy can be the best because putting your pup inside the crate usually takes a while for it to sleep. The chew toy will make your cute puppy busy for a long time, which is surprisingly helpful.

Chew toys can create physical and mental activities, which is an excellent alternative for hunting. Using chew toys can make your doggie tired before taking a nap. The wild dogs that sleep 16 hours a day have lots of activities during the remaining 8 hours. Giving your dog various chew toy hunting activities brings more happiness and pleasure for your cute furry friend. Don't forget that you need to reduce meal calories accordingly.

Your Doggie Needs to be Outside the Crate

You like your bedroom for sure, but you don't want to be there too much. The same issue is correct for your furry friend. Give it some time to be outside the crate to meet other needs. The box must not act as a freedom punishment. The lack of freedom can be terrible for your dog, and it might have destructive consequences. Fear comes to mind if horrible things happen to your pup while inside the crate. So, do not scold your dog while it is inside the crate.

Crates are good management tools. Your doggie won't develop bad habits using crates. It is a suitable training tool for young puppies to avoid forming bad habits like biting others or house soiling. So, crates are unique for multiple purposes but don't forget to give your adorable pup some free time to be outside it.

Whining to Come Out

When the doggie whines, you need to take it out for a while because it might take a pee. You can teach your pup other ways of asking that. For instance, you can teach it to sit quietly on these occasions. The only situation in which you can let your puppy come out due to whining is taking pee or poop. Sometimes, whining is due to excitement or fear. You must consult with professional trainers in these situations. Allowing your dog to come out after whining signals your pup that whining and barking can be effective. The rule of thumb is for your doggie to be quiet for at least three minutes before allowing it to leave the crate.

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