Healing Crystals for Dogs Added to Rockstar Puppy Site

Posted by Rockstar Puppy on Apr 06, 2017

Healing crystals often used for holistic care on people and pets are the newest addition to the Rockstar Puppy collection, in addition to religious charms.

While healing crystals can help with people and their pets’ issues with fear, anxiety and aggression, crystal healing is also considered to help with respiratory and circulatory ailments and digestive problems, says the owner of Rockstar Puppy, Jessica Clark.

From healing wounds to aiding with inflammation and arthritis, crystals and stones also help with hormonal and compulsive behaviors. Crystals’ metaphysical healing properties help people and pets heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“We carry several different crystals,” says Clark, the owner of Rock Star Puppy Boutique a company that provides dog houses and motorcycle pet carriers. “They include amethyst, citrine, quartz crystal, rose quartz and labradorite. Each different crystal has a different vibration.”

Amethyst is the stone recommended for calming and healing, as well as deterring fleas. It’s one of the most effective crystals used for any type of healing. The crystal can also help with dogs that bark excessively and cats’ constant meowing. Since crystal therapy is known to affect the whole energy field of animals, crystals are placed at particular points around your pets, adds Clark.

“Amethyst is beneficial when it is worn over the throat where the charm hangs over your dog’s neck.” Clark says. “The crystal is also known to treat insomnia and encourage restful sleep.”

Rockstar Puppy, an online pet boutique, not only offers the new healing crystals for dog collars, but will also carry religious amulets for pets. The charms, approximately 30 millimeters long, are part of the Meditating Mutts collection, which is exclusive to Rockstar Puppy.

The collection of dog collar charms consists of the Amethyst Point, Quartz Crystal Point, a carved turquoise Buddha, an Om symbol, Lakshmi, Archangels and Ganesh to name a few.

In addition to designer dog clothes, custom dog houses, and dog tags for dogs, the Rockstar Puppy site has pet health information. Dog helmet designs are even available for the pooch who likes to go motorcycle riding with its owners.