Elaborate Homes for Dogs Featured on Rockstar Puppy Site

Posted by Rockstar Puppy on Apr 06, 2017

You don’t need to be a celebrity to have a luxurious home, and you don’t have to be a human either.

Pampered pets are living elaborately in Rockstar Puppy’s exclusive customized dog houses. The online pet boutique that specializes in pet accessories like dog tags for dogs features 11 custom dog houses to choose from.

So if you may not be able to get your dream house yet, your pet sure can enjoy a more affordable dream home the way you would’ve imagined yourself, or specifically for your special pooch.

“Each project is individualized, depending on the customers’ needs and wants,” says Jessica Clark, provider of dog tags for dogs. “We work closely with the customers, and communicate with them through every step of the project from start to finish.”

Celebrities have ordered the special homes for their dogs. One reality TV celebrity got a customized dog house from Rockstar Puppy’s exclusive model home selection for her two dogs and spared no expense down to the last detail.

Her dogs share their glamorous house, which is adorned with features such as a heart-shaped, stained glass window, an upholstered bed, battery operated interior lighting, hinged doors that open like a doll house, and a custom Swarovski crystal name plate, just to mention a few amenities.

Customers can purchase a replica of the two celebrity dogs’ deluxe home or choose their own colors and fabrics for their pets’ personalized home. Other dog house designs to choose from include a custom French Chateau, Georgetown mansion, Mexican hacienda, and even a custom brick estate.

“Some clients have even had replicas of their own house custom built for their pets,” Clark says.

The luxury homes for pets can range from $6,000 for a custom English cottage and Colonial dog house to $30,000 for a Glam limestone dog house, but depends on the individual request. There are many interior options available from wallpaper to drapes. Homes can be laden with shutters, columns, chandeliers, carpet, everything shrunk to fit in the exquisite house for dogs or cats.

“We work with a talented team of builders that includes interior designers and prop stylists,” says Clark. “Your pets are sure to sleep well in their very own customized home.”

A $500 deposit- this includes a consultation and private quote- is required. The deposit allows for an in-depth consultation which is followed by sketches and artists’ renderings of what the customer desires for their four-legged family member.

The dog houses are built in-house at the Rockstar Puppy headquarters in Pennsylvania. Then the houses are carried on a flatbed truck to any destination in the country.

“No matter how elaborate the homes are, we can easily transport them all over, regardless of where the customer lives,” Clark says who provides dog motorcycles. “A lot of work is involved in designing, building and decorating these homes to be specialized for each individual pet to make it their home.”

Dog helmets and designer dog clothes can be found at the Rockstar Puppy site for the pampered pooch. Motorcycle dog carriers, doggie birthday cakes and treats are also featured, Clark says.