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Royal Cabana Dog Bed

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The pictures don't do this piece justice. This gorgeous and luxurious cabana is finely constructed out of of redwood and other beautiful hardwoods. It has a beautiful chocolate glass inlaid band at the base. Inside is a plush round reversible designer pet bed with one side in pelted faux brown sable mink fur and the other side in a brown and gold velvet brocade fabric. Your pets name will be bejeweled on your piece on an oval wooden plate over the entrance in Swarovski Crystals as we did for Lola. The feet are a beautiful decorative metal (not crystal) for strength. There are 2 sets of drapes. The inner drapes are of suede with hand stitched with creme ribbon appliqued on top in stripes. The outer drapes are made out of beautiful creme decor linen. Atop is an umbrella like canopy that is meticulously draped on the top and has a beautiful metallic medallion on the very peak to capture the goodness of heavens. The finish is in non toxic white paint.

This is a limited edition and only 10 available world wide and the underside is signed, dated and numbered.

Dimensions: 21" L x 21" W x 35" H

*This item is made to order. Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.