Pet Stairs - Easy Steps II Extra Wide - Essential Grey

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  • Appropriate stair landings for bigger dogs

  • Removable carpet tread

  • Rubber grippers

  • Easily snap together

  • Platform height 6"


Our wide dog stairs bring incredible comfort for your large four-legged friends! They can put their bodies on each platform quickly, so your cute pooches can climb unbelievably fast. Our dog steps are innovative, and each platform's incline will reduce the required steps, which means easier climbing. This comfortable climbing will reduce the stress on your adorable pup. The carpet tread of our pet steps is impressive due to easy removability and washing. Our extraordinary pet stairs can be washed by the washing machine, which is a significant advantage for many dog owners. The stairs easily hang together without any tool. Order this beautifully made pet stair at our puppy boutique right away!

22"L x 20"W x 16"H.


Top step depth 12.5", 2nd step depth 11.75"