Pet Stairs - Easy Step Bed Stair

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  • Designed for smaller pets

  • Deep steps

  • Space-saving design

  • A hinged back panel

  • Removable carpet treads

  • L shaped layout

  • Rubber grippers on the bottom


If you have a cute little puppy, these dog stairs are specifically designed for them. Our pet stairs have deep steps that benefit more petite pooches and give them the ability to put their entire body on every platform. Your adorable furry friend can climb these dog steps easily due to the shorter step height. These pet steps save space because of their design, and you can put them in every corner of your house as a piece of furniture. The hinged back panel is another great feature of these steps that provides easy access to the storage area beneath the stairs. The removable carpet treads are washable and easy scrubbing is possible. The setup is amazingly stylish, and the step effortlessly snaps together. Are you considering steps for dogs to get on the bed? Order these dog stairs from our puppy boutique right now!

 Low step height (5”) and deep stair landings 25.5” high