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Elevated Dog Bowl - Medium Dog Bowls Stand

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  • Sturdy wooden stands

  • Handmade from quality plywood

  • Safe oil covering

  • Available in three different heights

  • Improve your pup's health


Pets and any pet owner will love these elevated dog bowls. The Elevated Medium Feeding Station features a dog bowl stand made with high-quality plywood and includes two stainless steel dog bowls and free personalization. The bowls are easy to remove and dishwasher safe so you can get them cleaned between feedings. With elevated dog bowls, your little furry friend will have easier access to their food. Dogs will experience fewer digestion problems and gas with elevated bowls, which will relieve neck strain and bloating. Order this dog feeder from our puppy boutique in different colors and sizes. Order it now!

Height of base - 3.9/5.9/7.8 inch

Bowl volume – 750 ml

Color of plywood base: Teak, Ebony, Rosewood