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Dog Bed - Designer Cell Crate Pad

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  • Body-shaped design 

  • Scratch-resistant material

  • Antibacterial filler

  • Durable fabric

  • Keeps its form over time


The Designer Cell Crate Pad is a body-shaped dog mattress perfect for indoor and light outdoor use. Your little furry friend will be even more snuggly with this puppy bed. Featuring high-quality furniture fabrics, it allows your pet to feel very comfortable inside. Thanks to the durable and scratch-resistant material, your naughty furry friend can scratch all he wants without damaging this dog pillow. Check out our puppy boutique to find the best dog beds available in the market. Get this one if your pup is always ready to play and scratch. Order now!


Small - 21.6x21.6 inch
Medium - 27.6x27.6 inch
Large - 33.4x33.4 inch
X-large - 39.3x39.3 inch

Base Color

Gray + Violet