Do Vets Recommend Collars or Harnesses?

Posted by Rockstar Puppy on Sep 19, 2022

Do Vets Recommend Collars or Harnesses?

Your furry best friends need to go out and walk, whether petite or large. Leash attachments are essential for them if they go out for a walk. Collars and harnesses are two kinds of attachments. Harnesses are often better choices than collars because they don't pressurize the pup`s neck. If your adorable pooch is susceptible to breathing problems, harnesses are recommended. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using harnesses for walking dogs.

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Advantages of Harnesses

As we mentioned earlier, harnesses are usually better than collars due to some advantages. Here are some of these benefits:

Pulling Is at the Minimum

Harnesses cover more parts of your pup`s body, including the chest, shoulders, and upper parts of the back. This feature distributes the pressure on the larger surface compared to collars. So, your four-legged friend feels more comfortable wearing harnesses. There are also no-pull harnesses, which are really convenient. The tension on the leash can make dogs nervous. In this case, they can't move forward until they calm down.

Harnesses Won't Pressurize Your Puppy's Neck

The beneficial feature of the harnesses is fastening over the pup`s chest. So they don't put pressure on the neck or trachea. Harnesses are the ideal options for doggies suffering from neck problems like restricted airways and many more. Your dog's issues won't be intensified using a harness rather than a collar.

The Security of the Harnesses

You can fasten the harnesses with a high level of security to prevent incidents. It is a significant advantage and brings peace of mind for both you and your furry best friend. Pups can easily slip out of their collars, which can be troublesome. You don't want this incident in traffic or when you are passing somebody's yard. Harnesses offer much more security, and these accidents won`t occur using quality harnesses.

Harnesses Are Crucial in Some Situations

It would help if you used harnesses in some specific situations. Here are some of those momentous occasions:

Brachycephalic Breed

The flat faces of this breed can cause respiratory issues. These problems can be best managed using harnesses. French Bulldogs are an instance of these species.

The Background of Tracheal Collapse

If you have a pup with a history of tracheal collapse, harnesses are the best option. Tracheal collapse is a medical condition in which the trachea folds in on itself. The condition causes problems like coughing and breathing severe issues. A collar applies more pressure on the neck, which can worsen the situation.

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Breeds with Spinal Issues

Some breeds like dachshunds are susceptible to slipped discs due to being long-bodied. IVDD is a disease that can occur in this situation. Using a harness for these types of dogs can reduce the pressure on the back and neck, which is amazingly beneficial for them.

Giant Pups with Orthopedic Disease History

It is difficult for puppies with the orthopedic disease to get up and start walking. A harness can be helpful here, and you can get them up with much more comfort.

Disadvantages of Collars

As we said earlier, collars are not good choices, especially for dogs with respiratory issues. Here are some of the disadvantages of collars:

Collars Are Not Safe in Some Medical Problems

Using a collar can be damaging for specific medical issues like glaucoma or neck injuries. If you are interested in using collars, consult your vet regarding these medical issues. You need to avoid collars if your four-legged friends suffer from these issues.

Collars Are Dangerous for Pups That Pull

If your adorable pooch regularly pulls against the collar, it can injure itself by reducing the airflow. The vertebrae and trachea can be under pressure using collars. So, collars are not appropriate for dogs that pull.

Walking Is Vital for Your Puppy`s Mental Well-Being

Taking your pup for a walk is not just a hobby or an exercise. It is a crucial activity that keeps your dog mentally healthy. Dogs are hunting animals and need to spend a lot of time outside. They enjoy walking around, and they learn about their neighborhood and other things doing that. Dogs discharge a lot of nervous energy in their walks.

Many individuals don't know how to walk their lovely pooches. Your dog must walk at your side. If it can regularly walk in front of you, this means that it is in charge. If your puppy thinks it is in charge, many problem behaviors like incessant barking will occur. You need to motivate your dog for the sidewalk. A piece of delicious food or another dog can be reasonable motivations. A well-trained pup will react to a slight tug, and it returns to your side.

Choosing a leash is significantly essential. A long, flat one can be the best choice because it provides control for you and won't lead to rope burn, which is highly annoying. Flat leashes are the best in the case of emergencies. Self-rewinding leashes are not appropriate due to the constant tension. Your pup becomes less responsive using self-rewinding leashes, and it learns to ignore the pulling sensation.

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