Should You Let Your Dog Sleep with You?

Should You Let Your Dog Sleep with You?

Published by Rockstar Puppy on Apr 17th 2017

Some humans restrict their dogs from their bedroom completely, while others sleep with their dogs every night. There are pros and cons to letting our furry friends share our bed with us. Our dogs are so loving and loyal and when they follow you to to your room at bedtime, it's hard to say no to that cute little face, am I right? Let's face it, our dog's make us feel safe and what feels better than falling asleep while snuggling with our beloved pets? However, there are some things to consider to assure we are not allowing our pets to disturb our sleep, affect our relationship with our partner, or even jeopardize our health. Pets can disturb our sleep in various ways that are hard to control, but probably one of the most important things to consider is how our pets come in between our relationships with our partner. As crazy as it sounds, pets can actually come between two partners and create relationship issues. One partner may feel neglected if they feel like the dog gets more attention or love. Another major major issue that you may not have even considered is that your dog can bring ticks into your bed and you could end up with Lyme disease or one of the co-infections of Lyme. No matter where you live, ticks have become a major problem and it's progressively getting worse. It seems like everybody either has Lyme or knows someone that has Lyme. If your pets spend any time outdoors, it's not uncommon for a dog to come inside from a walk or hike and have up to 20 or more ticks on their body. Checking your pet for ticks or giving them a bath is not always effective because ticks burrow in to the pet's fur and it's difficult to see them. If they have already started to burrow into your dogs skin, showering your pet may not remove them all. Ticks can crawl off of your pet and onto you while you're sleeping and most people never even find a tick or remember being bitten. Lyme disease can cause all kinds of health issues and unless you remember being bitten by a tick, you could easily be misdiagnosed. If Lyme isn't caught right away and it's not treated properly, it could cause a host of serious issues down the road. If your pets go outside, it's important to at least keep them out of your bed and bedroom during tick feeding season which is usually in the Spring and Fall, although they are around all year long.... they are just worse in the Spring and Fall. If your dog is already in the habit of sleeping with you, you can take steps to re-train them to sleep in their own space. We offer an extensive selection of designer dog crates and luxury dog furniture to make the transition easier. You might want to try crate training your dog or confining them to a specific area with a dog gate. Your dog may whine or bark for the first couple nights, but they will eventually adjust and may even become fond of their new space. 


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